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(Beginner’s level)

This class is highly recommended for all yoga beginner students at Shanti Yoga & Counseling. It is a continuous series teaching all the basic Asanas (yoga postures) as well as introducing proper yogic breathing (Pranayama), proper body alignment in every posture, and relaxation (Savasana). This is the starting point of your yoga journey and it will give you the basic fundamental knowledge you need to start your practice. No previous yoga experience is required.


(Intermediate level)
This class is designed for all level students who like challenge and variety of flowing energetic movement. It includes several rounds of Surya Namaskar (the Sun Salutations) series, all strengthening and balancing poses. It will help you energize and envigorate your bodymind, as well as rejuvenate and relax toward the end of class. You will also be introduced to the principles of the yoga practice as well as ways to incorporate yoga in your daily life.


(All levels)
A unique morning class designed to build strength and gain flexibility in a well balanced way. The moves fit perfectly together to form a class filled with a flow of poses that are fun, integrative, and mindful. Think increased overall core strength, balance, and greater stability. If you like to start your day with yoga and be energized for the rest of the day and if you like to have the mindfulness element, this is a perfect class for you! No previous experience required.


(All levels)
A gentle therapeutic approach to all yoga postures including breath awareness, safe body alignment, and the skillful use of  yoga props will lead you into a peaceful and gentle movement. You will be guided in breathing techniques for calming and balancing your mind and body. Yoga props and modifications are used to give you safety and support in every pose. You’ll come out physically and mentally rejuvenated and relaxed from these classes. Also appropriate for prenatal yoga practice!


(Available by appointment)
Whether you want to focus on learning the fundamentals, deepening your yoga practice, or on a specific goal in the privacy and the individual attention in one-on-one with the teacher, these private lessons are perfect for you! Emphasis is on safe alighnement and modifications. They will be individually tailored to meet your unique needs and personal goals. Small focus group classes are also available by request.


(Available by appointment)
Individual mind-body therapeutic sessions to deepen your understanding of your emotional world. This unique modality combines the science of psychology and the practice of mindfulness and yoga including: breathwork, meditation, relaxation, yoga poses for anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, or trauma – to cultivate awareness and emotional healing of your bodymind.

“”Yoga allows me to put [work, family, friends, and anything else that may pass through my mind] aside and focus on the yoga practice at that time.

Even in the middle of a busy day, I find that yoga is relaxing and energizing all at the same time.

It allows me to be more calm, centered, and I am better able to meet stressful challenges with a clear mind. ”
– Carol K.